Crystal Geyser

Crystal Geyser® Water Company was founded in 1977 in California. For 40 years, we’ve stayed true to our commitment to purity, quality and time-honored traditions. Since our founding, we’ve offered a variety of healthy alternatives to sodas and artificially sweetened drinks that include Crystal Geyser Sparkling Water, Tejava Tea and Juice Squeeze Sparkling Juice. Proudly sourced and bottled in California, our mission is clear: to provide your family with the best tasting healthy beverages.


Yasumasa Iwamoto


Yasumasa (Yasu) was appointed to CEO of Crystal Geyser in 2015. Prior to his current role, Yasu served 4 years on the Board of Directors for Crystal Geyser, and has worked for Otsuka for 20 years.

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